Hot coffee on the beach

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Verve at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz
Verve Coffee @ Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, CA

Great-tasting coffee a few blocks away from the beach. 70-degrees and sunny in February. Is this real life?

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Larry David: I started to eat very healthy foods and [my ex-wife] just hated that. Hated it.
Conan O’Brien: Why did she hate it if you ate healthy foods?
Larry David: You know, I suspect she wanted me to die.

— Larry David & Conan O’Brien

After several days of unhealthy eating, I plead with Daisy, “No more burgers.” She agrees.

That night, she drags me to a hot dog restaurant. They have every type of hot dog you’d want. The vegetables are battered and fried (or for the health-conscious, fried without batter.) And I order the healthiest thing in sight: a burger. Made of pork belly.

Help me…


Pretzel psychosis

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She knows me so well.

Daisy surprised me with chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels.

She intends for us to snack on them during a flight. In. The. Future. 32 hours away. 32 hours of pretezel-less hell. 32 hours of tortuous challenege. Of pointless denial. Of staring game.


[Update, 12 hours before departure:] Yeah. All gone.


When life gives you lemons

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Or rather, when your friend gives you a paper bag and takes you to her neighbor’s lemon tree, you make the most delicious Arnold Palmers on the face of the earth.


No peas, please

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Daisy’s plate of Lobster Mac and Cheese from Montrio Bistro in Monterey, CA


Future food

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  • Daisy: I wonder if this week old duck is still okay
  • Chris: Could be pushing it
  • Daisy: Eh. The microwave will kill the germs
  • Chris: I’m eating oatmeal with brown sugar and apples
  • Daisy: I’m eating future food poisoning!

Not surprisingly, this is a girl who told me last week, “I like living life on the edge… of the toilet.”



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  • Alienman: I’ve lost 15 lbs since you left Portland.
  • Alienman: How to lose weight: step one, get Chris Rhee out of town

I assure
I have
no idea
what she’s


Thanksgiving 2012

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Full photo gallery of Thanksgiving with Jill & Oj →

  • Jill: Thanksgiving plans? I ordered enough turkey for 5 people so… help
  • Chris: I’m in!
  • Jill: I’m making Rachael Ray’s crab mac and cheese. YOLO
  • Chris: You had me at Rachael Ray. Then again at crab mac and cheese. I passed out instantly after YOLO.


Fruit or Vegetable

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  • Victoria: does eating homemade salsa count as a serving of vegetables? I’m going to say that it does.
  • Chris: As everyone knows, the tomato is a fruit. Denied!
  • Victoria: hmph. the peppers don’t count? I use a LOT of peppers.
  • Chris: As everyone knows, botanically speaking, peppers are a fruit.
  • Victoria: I think I hate you.

I’m aware that anyone who says “botanically speaking” is an ass-hat. In my defense, I’m only an ass-hat to Victoria. And don’t believe anyone who comments here saying that I’m an ass-hat to them. That’s just Victoria commenting under the name of someone I know in real life who I’m totally not an ass-hat to in any way, shape or form.

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I know plenty of words, thank you very much. I just [swear] to heighten my already passionate feelings. It’s like the MSG of language.

—Chrissy Teigen, discussing her recipe for brick chicken.



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This morning, I’m on a mission.

The previous night, I set an alarm on my laptop to give myself ample time to prep for a meeting. But the alarm isn’t the boss of me — I wake up well before it goes off. My biological clock is bigger than yours.

I’m in the zone: A serious man, ready for serious business.

At a nearby coffee shop, I get a large cup. These are serious times. 8oz cups don’t pay the bills. 8oz cups are for laggards on vacation. 8oz cups are causing the collapse of capitalism. I get the large.

After thorough investigation, the best table for conducting serious work is selected. I open my laptop. Sparing no second — As if it senses the seriousness of the situation, the screen lights up instantly.

Then the alarm goes off. The one I forgot to disable. FutureSex/LoveSounds plays. At max volume. The music floods through the coffee shop, for what feels like a lifetime.