Chris Rhee


The basics

I’m a twenty-five year old kid from San Jose, California with a website creating addiction.

I’m obsessed with food and food-related stories so Cut & Taste was high on my list of projects to start. I’ve been cooking for myself since I was a small lad, so I know my way around a kitchen, but don’t claim to be a super chef. I just know how to pick good recipes and keep myself from starving.

Favored flavors

My favorite TV shows: The Wire, The Sopranos, and The Office (UK). A lot of my favorite shows are no longer with us… (Bring back the good TV, please!)

My favorite movies: Nine Queens and Fight Club.

My favorite musicians: QN5 Music is constantly putting out lots of goodness and their live shows are not to be messed with. I’ve also been a fan of Barenaked Ladies for quite some time.

Food facts

  • I meticulously read the list of ingredients before buying food
  • I don’t do coconut
  • I used to drink cases of soda every week. Now I drink none.
  • Prosciutto is awesome
  • If a restaurant serves Chicken Parmigiana… I’m trying it once!
  • For a while, I had an unhealthy addiction to Whole Foods pastries. I’m totally over it now. Really… I can stop anytime I want to. Leave me alone.

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