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Breakfast in silence

Posted by chris on Oct 21st, 2009


Half chocolate half maple bar with buttercream filling from Tulip Pastry Shop in St. John’s neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.

I’ve had 2 of these in the past three days. But I walk 3 blocks to the bakery to get them. I think that evens it out. Plus, I have to walk 3 blocks back to my house. So after a few more donuts, I’ll probably be super buff and fit and practically a bodybuilder. I think that’s how it works. Shut up.

In my defense, this isn’t all I had for breakfast… I also got a slice of brandied pear & dark chocolate pie with candied ginger streusel from Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery. It has… fruit… and… ginger, which as everyone knows, is much ballyhooed for its countless health benefits. Shut up.


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This looks delicious! I am adding these to my list of ‘must bakes’.

Haha, damn you. I have to venture out and find things for this blog. Then you just walk into your kitchen and make it yourself.

Go that man. That’s exactly how it works. Furthermore, I think the rules say if you were to jog to the bakery, you could justify an extra donut or two :-)

Hurray for countless healthy benefits! XD
But there is something to be said about eating after walking long distances.

@Dan: Haha, true. But I’d like to avoid the image of me running to a bakery, tongue hanging out, like I’m trying to get the last maple bar before they’re all gone.

@Yvonne: I walk a lot more frequently in Portland, but for much shorter distances than I’d walk in the bay area. I don’t know if it evens out. But I’ll assume it does.

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