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The “I Launched A Project, I Can Eat What I Want” edition

Posted by chris on May 18th, 2009


After eating nothing but americanos, eggs and apples for several days, I’ve been indulging in all the foods I was craving the past few weeks:

  • Turkey burger with bacon & onion rings
  • Chicken fried steak and eggs. I haven’t had this in years.
  • Crab-cake benedicts. Yes, plural.
  • Chicken tenders. What the hell is a “tender” anyway?
  • Espresso almond brownie, Chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cream cake, Bostom cream pie, Princess cake. Probably some other terrible desserts that I have no recollection of eating.

All I’m missing is the pizza and ice cream. (Together.)


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Looks like the burger is sticking its tongue out at you!

Maybe it’s sticking its tongue out at you.

Hector May 19, 2009

How much for one of these?


@Hector: I just happen to have the menu… The turkey burger with bacon is $3.79 and the onion rings are $1.99 — there are more onion rings not pictured, haha.

@sun: Google translator deciphered the word, “burger” in your comment. That’s really all I have to go on…

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