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The Man Who Put a Smile on the Face of All Who He Met edition

Posted by chris on Dec 6th, 2008

  • Pepper cheesesteak with white american cheese from Amato’s
  • 4 toffee crunch cookies from Whole Foods (Don’t judge me.)
  • Fiberful natural dried fruit from Trader Joe’s

After my trip to Whole Foods at 9:45pm, I decided to see if Amato’s Cheesesteaks was still open.

Luckily, I got there a few minutes before they closed up shop. A girl was sweeping the floors and cleaning the tables. I hate to be That Guy, who comes in right when you think you’re done working, but I was craving a good cheesesteak after a day of running errands around the entire city.

Some reviewers on Yelp have said the girl who works at Amato’s has a bad attitude, but I’ve always found her pleasant. Even this night, when I’m coming in as she’s trying to leave, she says I have plenty of time before they close. Judging by the lack of customers and chairs on top of the tables, I’d say she was lying to make me feel comfortable.

I got my order to-go (chickening out at the last second and ordering White American cheese instead of Whiz). When my food was ready, I got up, pushed in the chair I was sitting in and headed for the door. As I left, the girl said, “Thanks for coming in, man. And thanks for pushing in that chair — nobody does that!”

I live to please… My selfless act of kindness that will no-doubt encourage further betterment in the world, is surely deserving of a handful of cookies.

And that is how I gained a pound overnight.


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your photo of the sandwich is disgusting. the color of the meat reminds one of corpses.

Tasty corpses.

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