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Posted by chris on Jan 17th, 2009


My resolve to cut out caffeine lasted about a year, but now I’m back in the game — again.

It’s a helluva drug

New York Magazine has published an interesting piece on the differences between caffeine & it’s not-so-distant cousin, cocaine:

Cocaine and amphetamines essentially do the same thing, only they create not just a pleasant feeling but outright euphoria [...] But the higher a drug’s highs, the lower its lows, which is why a crack user needing a fix might rob an elderly neighbor at gunpoint while a coffee drinker might simply get snippy with co-workers.

Full article: The Coffee Junkie’s Guide to Caffeine Addiction


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Interesting quote!

And yea, love the design of your blog :)

Thank you, sir! And I only had to make websites for the past 10 years to get some props.

My girlfriend gave up coffee for a few days last week and started complaining of withdrawal syptoms. Headaches and anxiety, had to make her a big flask to cheer her up.

Like the ideas behind this blog, thanks

This is so true. Especially PEETS that is brewed at the shop. I have been ranting for years that they put something illegal in it. I have co-workers that can attest that my behavior is certainly altered in a narcotic fashion after drinking even half a cup of a large drip from PEETS. That stuff is hardcore. Its really only one minor step below the real thing. Oh gotta go…nature calls….

^ Having been a former co-worker of William, I do attest.

Also, I’ve gotten about 4 free coffees from Starbucks in the past week. I’m the king of getting free stuff after being inconvenienced.

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