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Not my idea of dream food

Posted by chris on Jan 30th, 2007

Over at Yahoo! Food, they’ve posted the Top 10 Foods for a Good Night’s Sleep. The article explains why foods like bananas, warm milk, almonds, flaxseed, turkey, and potatoes will help you fall asleep.

It also includes a recipe for “Lullaby Muffins” that includes several sleep-inducing ingredients. I can only assume it’s tastier than the “Turkey & Banana Milkshake with French Fry Crust Sleep Elixir” I was going to propose.


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Nice! I knew Almonds were good for something.

(runs to eat a pack of Almonds before going to bed)

I was surprised to find out that I liked everything on the list except for bananas and oatmeal. Vile substances they are.

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