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VIDEO: Subliminal ads on Food Network?

Posted by chris on Jan 22nd, 2007

A guy posted this video of what he believes is subliminal advertising for McDonalds on the Food Network, during an episode of American Iron Chef. In my opinion, it’s probably just a broadcasting glitch or something trivial like that and there’s no need to comb through any more Food Network shows in slow motion. (Unless you’re one of those Giada De Laurentiis fans. You know which ones I’m talking about.)


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I’d like to take this time to apologize for misusing the question mark. Sorry, John Stewart and Daily Show Fans.

annie tao January 23, 2007

um… which ones are you talking about? and why?

By “ones” I mean fans. And those “fans” I refer to are young, healthy sicko males.

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