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Celebrity chefs taking up more space

Posted by chris on Feb 2nd, 2007

Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray were asked by NASA to create recipes for two recent space shuttle missions. At NASA, the food was tested and prepared by dehydrating and packaging for reformulation.

Ray’s Swedish meatballs, spicy Thai chicken and vegetable curry were eaten by the crew of the space shuttle Discovery in December.

Lagasse’s jambalaya, mashed potatoes with bacon, green beans, rice pudding and fruit were eaten by astronauts on the International Space Station in August.

Check out the full article which bears the headline, “Nasa taps celeb chefs to spice up shuttle food” – a phrase that would’ve meant something completely different within a group of immature perverts… N-not me, though. I didn’t find it humorous. Not even the smallest bit.

Heh, smallest bit.

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