A bad sign

Posted by chris on Mar 5th, 2007

Whenever I eat at a restaurant and notice a sign in their restroom that reminds employees to wash their hands, it kind of sours my experience.

I’m not enthused by the prospect of my food being prepared and served by people who need a bright, in-your-face reminder to cleanse themselves after using the restroom. As far as I’m concerned, the bathroom training years should’ve ended quite a while before the job training years.

Couldn’t the restaurants just tell their employees about this in private? There’s no need to alarm the public. It’s like posting a sign on the drink glasses, asking their employees not to urinate in them. (Yes, it’s exactly like that!)


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Most of those signs are required by California law. Trust me, I wanted to tear those signs down every time I saw them. It made me want to puke and was totally unappetizing.

Yeah, I knew the government had to be involved somehow.

btw chris, loving the ‘pick up stix’ style design here

I don’t know what you mean by that, haha. But thanks.

Yeah! I know! I thought about that the other day when I went to use a restroom inside a restaurant we were eating at. I thought to myself, “Ummm… but how do you know they REALLY read this sign and REALLY did wash their hands before walking out of the restroom???” Kind of stupid really. It’s almost like they want to calm down our fears that their employees wash their hands…

Eeck. Pretty gross when you think about it. Everytime you go eat, maybe the person preparing your food DIDN’T wash their hands…


Reading this entry again, reminded me of something… OMG... I wish I had not deleted the picture!
Joe and I found this KICK BUTT Japanese Ramen House a while back… it was always slow and I think we were the ONLY mexicans ever eating there! LOL Anyway… we didn’t go there for a few weeks and when we finally decided to go have some Ramen again, the restaurant was GONE. It was taken over by Mexican Food. And they had a BIG sign painted on the outside that said, “NOW open” but the “NOW” part painted over the word, “NAO”. LOL! It was hillariousssss! I took a pic but I accidentally deleted it when I cleaned out my camera… OMG’osh… that was hillarious though, seriously… you had to have been there… HAHAHA
Ok. I’m done. Now how do I log in to this thing… =/

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