A sign of things to come

Posted by chris on Jul 15th, 2010

Photo by Will Duncan, who was thoroughly unimpressed & unsatisfied with the shot from my iPhone camera

I printed some helpful tips for our fridge at ENTP. Because we like cold drinks on hot days. And in the words of wise investor Warren Buffet, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

But wait — there’s more! Earlier this year, I made a sign to remind people to take their leftovers home. It hangs on our office door — the last thing you see before you leave.

No need to thank me. Please, keep your seats. Women, refrain from throwing underpants on the stage. I’m just a man trying to help. Okay, maybe I’ll take just one pair of underpants.


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You need a sign in the bottom of the drawer.

“If you can read this, put cheese in this cave.”

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