Chris and donuts

Posted by annie on Jan 6th, 2007

Chris is buying some donut holes. He’s a fatty who likes his donut holes. I bet he can eat fifty. Okay he just bought two dozen donut holes. Why is he such a fatty? He just said to the cashier to select the biggest, fattiest, greasiest, oiliest donut holes. YUCK.

Editor Note from Chris: Only half of that is true.



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lol, you guys are SO funny! I read your blogs at work, and I always get perplexed stares from my office partner, cuz I can’t stop laughing at you two and your funny adventures with food!

aw how nice of you! but I was merely stating the facts here…

No lies: last night, I had a dream about buying donuts and cookies from some weird standalone shack just outside of a school…

I probably haven’t had a donut since this post was made.

... but I bought cookies this afternoon.

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