Curbing the appetite.

Posted by Ana on Mar 1st, 2009

My Teapot
I drink tea. How fufu is that? I usually drink it when I’m online late at night and get hungry. Or I drink it in the mornings when I still feel full from what I ate the night before. I only like to drink specific type of teas though. None of those “diet teas” or teas that “speed up your metabolism”. Bunch of crock IMO. I like peppermint, chamomile, or wild berry tea. Just for flavor. How about you? Are you a tea kind of person? Any kind of tea you can recommend? What do you do to help curb your appetite?



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Every few months I try another brand/type of tea, hoping I’ll like it. But no.

haha. You go by brand? I go by flavor. Maybe that will help you. LOL

Different brands & flavors. It doesn’t matter!

Tea sux.

Moosehead March 3, 2009

Great pictures and awesome food. Saw your site on mostinspired.com. Keep up the good work.

I suggest Licorice tea, it is delicious! I drink it when I crave sweets, because it is naturally sweet so you do not have to add anything to it :)

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