Excuse me, could you tell me where I might find the Sexy-Os?

Posted by chris on Feb 5th, 2007

While working into the early morning, I was randomly cycling through my songs and “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake started playing. When the song was relatively new, Annie told me her interesting take on the lyrics: While the real lyrics of the hook are “get your sexy on”, she said it sounded like they were saying “eat your Sexy-Os”.

You know? Sexy-Os Cereal™, the sexiest way to start your day? Clearly she was craving food. Or she was trying to communicate something else and I misinterpreted the signals entirely.

Annie had me listen to the chorus several times so I could confirm her theory, but I heard no mention of Sexy-Os or it being a part of your daily balanced breakfast. She even started to give double meanings to lyrics throughout the rest of the song to further prove that the lyrics in question could be “eat your Sexy-Os”.

She was not amused by my reluctance to agree with her. Although I must admit, if there was a product out there called Sexy-Os, I might’ve actually had a proper breakfast during my high school years.


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