Extra burnin olive oil

Posted by chris on Aug 21st, 2008

Apparently, even though 200 degrees is a much lower temperature than most people set their ovens, it still has the ability to heat metal. While roasting prime rib, I burned my hand on the meat thermometer. And I still have a scar from hot oil hitting my wrist while sautéing potatoes for the side dish. Luckily, I didn’t make any dessert. I probably would’ve killed myself somehow.

And five minutes ago, I gave myself a “paper cut” with aluminum foil, which just might be the lamest cooking injury you can possibly get.

All within the past week. Perhaps I should eat out more. For my own safety.


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This often happen in our kitchen.
Paper cuts are minor cuts, and it happens sometimes. No worries about the lame-ness of it.

Desserts would probably be your choice, soft delicate ones like jelly (not agar-agar), or quick pastas that are made from blenders.

As you practice, you’ll notice you get better.
Our Head Chef, years ago, sliced off 1cm of meat from his finger.
He resumed heavy work the next hour after a visit to the doctor.


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