Fruit or Vegetable

Posted by chris on Oct 1st, 2012

  • Victoria: does eating homemade salsa count as a serving of vegetables? I’m going to say that it does.
  • Chris: As everyone knows, the tomato is a fruit. Denied!
  • Victoria: hmph. the peppers don’t count? I use a LOT of peppers.
  • Chris: As everyone knows, botanically speaking, peppers are a fruit.
  • Victoria: I think I hate you.

I’m aware that anyone who says “botanically speaking” is an ass-hat. In my defense, I’m only an ass-hat to Victoria. And don’t believe anyone who comments here saying that I’m an ass-hat to them. That’s just Victoria commenting under the name of someone I know in real life who I’m totally not an ass-hat to in any way, shape or form.


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