Healthy eating postponed.

Posted by Ana on Jan 11th, 2009

So as Chris mentioned, I agreed to lose weight to take his money! LOL I was all for it. I was pumped! I even convinced my hubby to do it with me! But then guess what? We go to the store with our grocery list and dayummm! Talk about expensive! We realize that (thanks to this horrible recession) we can’t afford to eat healthy or try to lose weight by changing our diet. Sad, but true. So even though I haven’t changed too much of my diet I am trying to eat less. I am also trying not to eat after 5pm. So far so good. I have slipped a few times. (Ok… more than a few times!) But I’m making an effort! I know there’s no right time to start but hopefully next pay check we can afford to. I know it sounds like a lame excuse but oh well. I’m trying…

On another note, well I kinda cheated today. A lot. I had the same thing Chris had for breakfast the day before yesterday. Only, my pancakes looked more like this. grin

I heart pancakes!
I heart pancakes!


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Very nice presentation! Put mine to shame.

How much more expensive was your healthier grocery list? Maybe we need some articles about eating healthy on a budget. I think the only “healthy” thing I eat on a daily basis is fruit. My actual meals are probably terrible for hardcore dieters.

Well, vegetables AND fruit are pricey! Specially if you want to eat anything that you won’t spit out right after you put it in your mouth! Thus, organic food. I refuse to eat fruit that tastes like nothing. LOL!

Not sure if you have a Farmer’s Market in your neighborhood, but it might be worth looking into.

Around here, the organic produce at Farmer’s Markets costs about the same as a regular grocery store, but if you buy a little extra or shop later in the day (and they’re trying to get rid of all their stuff before leaving) you can get a deal.

Is the frozen stuff any cheaper? They usually freeze vegetables & fruit as soon as they’re picked so the nutrients and flavor are kept intact.

Or just exercise a lot so you can outrun the grocery store security team.

I’m in a very similar boat, but these tips can help: Consider joining a CSA, often a $30 box of produce is generous and diverse lasts for a couple weeks. Get bulk whenever possible, crock pot the beans, always have a variety of grains around, blend your own juices/smoothies, and make your own snacks. Bring coffee and lunch to work, instead of buying out. These have saved me from compromising a healthy, fresh diet and have simultaneously made me appear to be a health food hippie among all my friends. (When you’re soaking almonds to make your own nut milk, some may feel you’ve gone too far).

Just yesterday at my local farmer’s market, I got over a pound of organic fuji apples for free. Unbeknownst to me, the health inspector was making his rounds and I was being the very model of a sanitary food sampler, using all their utensils and stuff. The fruit stand got a good review from the health inspector and I gots me some free apples.

I have to agree, farmers market is the way to go for fresh produce. Do you have any whole foods, or trader joe’s near you? Those are always good places to buy healthier.

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