I don’t relish that dish

Posted by chris on Jan 25th, 2007

I’ve returned from an official Cut & Taste mission: Sample new flavors and report back (...Fine, I just wanted to get a hot dog.)

While standing in line, I saw a middle-aged couple sit down at a table with two slices of combination pizza, topped with relish and onions — condiments that were available for the hot dog eaters, such as myself. It wasn’t just a sprinkle of relish and onion, either. It was piles. I’ve never seen such a thing.

When I went to the condiments table to dress up my hot dog, the relish-pizza-lovin’ woman stepped up to get even more relish and onions.

She officially had more relish and onion than pizza. The pizza slice had been transformed into an edible plate and the condiments were now the main course.

Is this a new fad that people aren’t telling me about? Is there a relish diet spreading through the weight loss community? Clue me in!


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