Learn from Annie’s Mistakes

Posted by annie on Jul 25th, 2009

You never know when it’s going to happen, or why it does, but you may one day become lactose intolerant. Like me.

And when you do, you’ll beat yourself over the head for all those times you didn’t stuff your face with ice cream. For all those times you said “no thanks” when the waiter asked if you had any room left for dessert. For all the scrambled eggs you made without cheese. For all the corn you ate without a nice coat of butter.

God, I just want a McFlurry!


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You’re in luck. I doubt there is any actual dairy or natural food in a McFlurry.

And that is when you learn… Lactaid is a wonderful pill indeed. Works for me, at least. :)

I consistently update Cut&Taste, picking up the slack while Annie daydreams for 6 months between writings. Allison, my Twitter comrade for decades, finally comments. On Annie’s post. I SEE ;)

thanks for the advice =)

Too. Many. Emoticons! >:O

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