Oil’s good for you!

Posted by Ana on Mar 4th, 2009

I know most (normal) people use oils to cook. And I do, I do. But I also use one of my oils to moisturize my skin. haha! I know, it’s weird right? When I go buy olive oil at the store, I buy the biggest bottle of it because I go through it like crazy! I use it as a face moisturizer, body lotion (sometimes) and hand lotion. It even comes in handy as an eye makeup remover. Ever since we moved to New Mexico, my skin feels like that of a lizard! No joke. It gets dry, scaly and itchy! And sometimes it actually cracks and stings. Horrible, I tell ya. So not only do my cooking oils come in handy in the food department but also in the “beauty” department. If you ever have a bad case of dry, itchy, and cracked hands, you know where to go. Into your kitchen. Grab you some olive oil and slap it on. I guarantee, you’ll have softer skin in an instant. smile



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