Po’ boy blues

Posted by chris on Sep 26th, 2011

  • Alienman: i think your appetite and mine are totally out of sync today
  • Alienman: so go eat something and check back in a few hours
  • Chris: I’ll just stay at home. Alone. With no one to love me.
  • Chris: Eating a cold sandwich over the sink.
  • Alienman: yea, do that
  • Alienman: and i’ll happily picture how pitiful you look
  • Chris: I didn’t mention anything about being pitiful. I’ll be rocking out.

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Kathy Jensen August 2, 2012

Dear Chris,
I think your writing skills are amazing! You should write for comedy clubs. I laughed so much while trying to learn about creating 404 Error pages (during a time of great frustration) when I ran across yours. I borrowed that first paragraph rather blatantly, put it on our homepage, but gave you credit on our links page. I hope you will say it is ok and let others enjoy your wit? If not, I will sadly remove it…but heavy sigh. Let me know…..Great recipes on here btw.
thanks for the laughter

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