Real men eat hearts for breakfast

Posted by chris on Dec 17th, 2009

Cappuccino from Bellano Coffee in Santa Clara, CA

It’s difficult to maintain the illusion that I’m a dominant alphamale when I have such a girly-looking drink in front of me. Next time, I’m requesting a cup with skulls, dinosaurs, and big rockets. With a biscotti the shape of a medieval saber.

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Maybe if you lift weights with the other hand while reading The Red Queen all the ladies might not notice you drinking this, pinky out.

Lifting weights while getting your caffeine on… There’s probably a fad workout in there somewhere!

I bet it’s even harder to maintain the illusion when you’re sitting in a coffeeshop taking photos of your drinks for your blog (a blog, I should mention, that has pink text and rainbows)

It’s not Pink and Rainbows… It’s Glow-In-The-Dark-Blood and Broad-Stripe Pastel Rods. You wouldn’t know, it’s a designer thing… ♥

.ehmm ok…‘skulls, sabers, that’s ME!’ versus … ‘lifting iron, cafe latte and rainbows’.... I think we are a lot here seeing a pattern emerging:

Come out where ever you are ….your readers won’t punish you, they will accept it !

( :D – just checking out on webdesign, fine css there )

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