Recipe for a mess

Posted by annie on Jan 26th, 2007

As a food lover and poor college graduate, my passion for yumminess and my dismally stocked fridge sometimes makes for disastrous results. Take for example, the following incident:

It’s late. I’m thirsty. There’s only water, so depressingly different from a nice cold coke I’m craving.

Looking into the pantry, I spot a near empty box of tea. I’ll make iced tea! Ten minutes later, I find myself holding a glass of iced earl gray looking around frantically for half and half, milk, or creamer. No such luck.

But then, it occurs to me that I do indeed have a type of creamy and smooth substance that has the ability to soften a sharp flavor without dulling it- butter! And so, I put a spoonful of butter into my tea and mixed it in as I imagine Paula Deen would. And it was disgusting.


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ack. why butter when it’s fats that cannot dissolve in water?

i like iced tea without milk.

but without a doubt, a funny post :)

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