Sick Food (Food for when you’re sick, not gross food)

Posted by annie on Mar 5th, 2008

I was sick last week for two days, and then I recovered. Or so I thought. Yesterday I went to the gym and ran two miles, which must have been a bad idea because today I am feeling super duper sick again.

This whole day I’ve been craving what my mom usually makes me when I’m sick- porridge and eggs. The eggs are beaten and then steamed. Afterwards, my mom drizzles soy sauce and sesame oil on top. I know it sounds weird but it’s great for when you are ill. It’s not greasy so it won’t make you feel gross, but it’s also tasty and flavorful. And it’s made by your mom.

What do you like to eat when you’re sick?


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I usually don’t eat much, but I drink alot of tea when I have a cold, and ginger ale when I have the flu.

Hi Sarah!

I don’t know where you live, but if you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, the South Bay in CA, Honolulu, or Japan, you should check out this tea store called Lupicia. They have amazing loose leaf tea in like 384902380928 flavors, and they’ll brew you a cup to try if you are interested in any particular flavor. Once I shamelessly asked them to brew me five cups of tea.

I’m about 80% recovered from a two week stretch if illness (hoping to return to work on Monday).

The first week, I drank a ton of juice. A whole lemon squeezed into a glass and some orange juice added to sweeten it up. Also, I made regular trips to jamba juice, which was hard, since I destroyed my voice the first week from coughing too much.

The first couple of days, I lost nearly two pounds.

Now I’m on an italian food kick, since I can eat regularly. Pasta, pan-fried fresh mozzarella and bread.

Hi, I am ill too and I tried Chicken soup, but i sicked it all up just before I finished the bowl, I keep drinking plenty of fresh juice and toast is good too. I just about managed to keep down a hot chocolate and am really hungry. I think I will try some eggs and some fruit. I really want some live yogurt but we have none in!

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