Sick. In bed.

Posted by chris on Dec 30th, 2008

I caught myself a powerful cold yesterday. So now I’m running a fever and I’m starving, but don’t feel well enough to cook or leave the house in search of food. Getting restless here! If the illness doesn’t destroy me, starvation surely will.

I’ve been awake for 7 hours and the only nourishment I’ve had is two glasses of orange juice — and now there’s no more! Someone wants me to go crazy… Maybe it’s you.


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Oh no! Being sick sucks. But get someone to bring you SOMETHING!
You’re going to starve!
But hey, at least you get closer to your weight loss goal!

Feel better soon, Chris!

Haha. It hurts as much as it helps, since I can’t lose very many calories lying in bed all day. Day 4 of sickness! Hopefully the last.

just drink blg instead

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