The best!

Posted by chris on Apr 1st, 2008

I just ate the best strawberries I’ve ever had. Ever. Incredibly sweet. Scientifically modified candy doesn’t get this sweet. Nice and big, with a deep, red color – they just looked good.

Twenty-two years of eating strawberries has been ruined by this single purchase. (From the same farmer’s market that lied to me last week.)

I demand this same high level of excellence in all my strawberry experiences. I refuse to go back to those clear, plastic packages of crap from the grocery store. That ain’t no strawberry! Those are small morsels of suck.

Food is one of my biggest expenses each month. I don’t budget it anymore. Not to say that expensive food is always better (it’s not), but I don’t want to limit myself. The quality in taste and the ingredients that I consume is important to me.

If there’s something better out there and I have the means to acquire it, it’s worth doing so. It’s why I get specific dishes from specific places.

So don’t judge me if I drive 6 hours to get the best ramen. Cause I bet your ramen is weak, son.


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