What’s for lunch?

Posted by chris on Apr 30th, 2008

Take a walk with me through the cafeteria at Apple…

Tilapia with mango salsa, vegetables and rice

It’s hard for me to pass up a fish entree that has tropical or citrus flavors in the mix.

A single, lonely chocolate chip cookie

This cookie was practically begging for a cookie friend to accompany it on my plate. Unfortunately, there was only one chocolate chip cookie left (and I discriminate against oatmeal raisin). But have no fear, when I went to pay for my food, I saw…

Perugina premium milk chocolate bar with cappuccino filling

I saw this chocolate bar at the cafe the other day and knew I had to try it. I’m a sucker for chocolate with other flavors mixed in. But for some strange reason, I’m writing this blog post instead of savagely ripping the wrapper off the chocolate bar like a little kid at Christmas…

What are you eating?


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Yvonne June 30, 2008

That sounds great for lunch. I usually eat sandwiches and drink water (but I’m not on a diet— just a heavy water drinker :3)

Do you have to work at Apple to eat at their cafeteria?

@Yvonne: I loves me some water, too. Apple’s cafeteria is “open” to the public, but to get to the cafeteria building, you need to scan a security badge. So if you don’t work there, you need an employee to scan you in. If you got the connections, I recommend the salmon burger & onion rings.

I do not have the connections, but I am a fan of onion rings. Well… one day I want to try the food at some of the major corporations like Apple and Google, because I hear they have nice food.

Salmon burger- never heard of that. Fish and burger is a hard combination to get right but I guess it could be done. How is the salmon done? Salmon just has such a sushi image. btw, after reading this food blog I was inspired to start my own! I hope you guys will continue updating this.

@Yvonne: Actually, the “salmon burger” at the Apple cafe is just a salmon filet that’s grilled and put on a bun. In grocery stores, a salmon burger is usually some salmon and other ingredients formed into a patty shape — which I’m not really a fan of.

I think everyone in the Silicon Valley is going to work for Google by the year 2010, so you should be able to try their food soon enough.

Nice job on your food blog! I definitely need to knock out a few more posts here… I’ve been banging my head on some other projects the past few weeks.

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