When no one’s looking, I cut myself

Posted by chris on Mar 25th, 2009

While making lunch, I handled kitchen shears, a 10-inch serrated knife, a 7-inch chef’s knife and a serrated steak knife. That’s a lot of razor-sharp stainless steel to deal with. Plenty of opportunities to cut myself and draw blood. And I did.

So who was the culprit?

None of the above. I cut my hand with my goddamn fingernail while washing the cutting board. Thanks, I’ll take the award for Lamest Kitchen Injury now.

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Hmm.. I remember reading about the extra burnin olive oil incident. Remember Chris, the kitchen is a dangerous place to be! Serrated knives are especially hurtful. I cut myself once opening to a box with a sandwich inside… and I didn’t even make the sandwich itself. That’s lamer!!

Serves you right for eating a sandwich from a box. =D

I suppose :X
In my defense, it was a pretty good sandwich with thin slices of salami, olive bits and melted cheese between hot Sicilian bread. Next time, I might try making it myself. Sandwiches should be simple enough right?

I’ve yet to be burned, but anything is possible in the great laboratory known as the Kitchen.

Everyone will be happy to know that since this post, I’ve cut & burned myself in more acceptable ways.

You know, you get mad at me for exposing your cutter ways on the Book, but then you post shit like this on your blog.

@Jill: How could I ever get mad at you? Drama queen.

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