Baklava: It’s what’s for breakfast

Posted by chris on Jan 25th, 2009


Thanks to my homie, Bilal, at my local Farmer’s Market I scored the last of his baklava tray for five bucks (regular price would have been $14). Every week, he hooks me up with a super deal on his food. And all I had to do was be a loyal customer for a year — an easy task.


A quick story

A while back, Bilal was telling me how his sales were low that particular day. We talked for a while and I bought $15 worth of food, paying with a 20 dollar bill. After talking some more, I asked for my change. Turns out, I had accidentally given him a 10 dollar bill, shorting him $5.

Yes, I can count. But I’m usually half-awake (or as the pessimist in me wants to say, I’m half-asleep) when I stumble into the Farmer’s Market each Sunday morning. So I wasn’t thinking very clearly. Thing is, he didn’t even mention my mistake until I brought it up. He was prepared to silently take the $5 hit, even after a dismal day of sales, just to keep me as a loyal customer. Dude is a class act.

If you ever visit the Blossom Hill Farmer’s Market, don’t leave without visiting the Afghan booth, next to the (also great) cinnamon bread stand. Bilal, a young guy in his 20’s, will be there with his usual lively banter, giving you enough free samples to skip breakfast. Unless I buy everything first.

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baklava for breakfast! that is crazy – too heavy and sweet. baklava is great for evening, to keep you wake with coffee. boost for good tv evening with friends.
i am from balkan, so baklava is our common dessert.
great website, love layout and writing. enjoy your breaky!

Yes, I know it is crazy. Haha, I don’t recommend following along with my diet habits, honestly. But if it’s any consolation, I also had some at night…

Thanks for checking the site, Dean.

I am with Dean. He is right, you dont want to have baklava for breakfast. At lest for me, baklava goes best after dinner with Turkish coffee.

@Chris and Annie: Great website!

Baklava is delicious – one of my all time favorites. If you have the chance to try some pistachio baklava – definitely go for it.

@Blagoj If you continue to read this site, you will find that I eat lots of terrible things for breakfast. So please stick around, haha.

@Daniel I will definitely pick it up if I get a chance. Unless you have some recommendations on where to seek them out.

Baklava for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! RULES!

I’m looking for someone to sponsor my baklava eating contest, Chris might be the worthy competitor I’m looking for. All the baklava you can eat and bottomless middle eastern coffee!!! That is a recipe for happiness and sickness.

I would probably do better in a coffee contest than a baklava one.

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