Breakfast burrito, literally

Posted by chris on Jan 29th, 2009


Rose Donuts & Cafe is the only place I know of takes an entire diner breakfast and wraps it in a tortilla to create their breakfast burrito. If you dare to finish the whole thing, it will surely put an end to whatever plans you’ve made for the day. Stuffed with eggs, ham, bacon, a sausage link, hash browns & cheese, it’s a giant pill of unproductiveness.

Highly recommended, as long as your affairs are in order.


I’m not sure why I bought this today. My fridge is so full right now, when I want to eat something, I have to take out 10 containers to access the food I want. Then play a game of Tetris to fit everything back in. I feel like I’m repacking a suitcase before each meal.


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WOW! that looks delicious. It looks sooo good. I am going to make one of these tomorrow

A buddy of mine said he was going to get one of these over the weekend. It seems to be a hit amongst male readers — who take my strong warnings in the review as a challenge.

Brits have been doing something similar for years – the classic breakfast baguette – Bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms, and the best part – black pudding – all fried up, chucked in a fat baguette, and drizzled with brown sauce (it’s not the same without) and tomato ketchup. Same as the one above – you have one to start your day and you won’t need to eat again til evening!

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