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New Design

Posted by chris on Dec 7th, 2008

To the 20 people subscribed to Cut & Taste‘s quaint, little RSS feed: Come on down to the website and take a look at all the black+pink goodness of the new design. I’ll continue to make some tweaks to the site (and add a proper search form), so if you notice anything weird or have any requests, please let me know.

Thanks to Annie’s determination, the site is seeing a lot of activity lately. Hopefully I can keep up with her, while I try to steer a couple more food-obsessed readers in our direction.


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Solid new design guys.

And the pace of posting recently has been awesome, I hope ya’ll can keep it up.

I like it Chris. I’ve been enjoying the more frequent postings as well. :)

I won’t stop until I get paid to eat. Then all my troubles will be over…

@Caleb: Thanks! Your food blog is cool cause you actually cook stuff, whereas I just throw a bunch of things on hot surfaces and pray it’s edible at the end. [Drafts up plans to recruit Caleb as a C/T writer.]

@Yannick: Thanks, man. Good to hear from you again – I knew you wouldn’t leave us for a younger, prettier blog.

Me likes… a LOT!
Makes me want to blog more… haha!

Great job! It’s clean and the colors are fantastic.

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