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SITE LAUNCH: Cat’s out of the bag

Posted by chris on Jan 5th, 2007

Two weeks ago, a cat followed me home. She walked next to me on the sidewalk for three blocks in the middle of the night and when I reached my front door, she kept trying to run inside the house with me. I didn’t want to be a cat burglar, so I went in alone. The guilt.

When I went outside to check if the cat was still there, I saw her sitting peacefully on our doormat. I searched the fridge, but I’m not a big eater of foods that are cat-friendly so there was nothing to give. She looked up at me with what might’ve been the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen. The guilt expands.

Determined to feed this hungry cat, I hopped in my car and drove to the nearest store to buy some authentic made-for-kitty food. When I returned, I prepared a small feast for my new buddy.

Food is universal. It transcends social status, language and race: whether you’re rich, poor, white, black, or feline — you gotta eat.

cut and taste is a blog about food

I’ve read that people make over 200 food-related decisions every day. Food is something we experience many times on a daily basis, but we usually let these experiences pass us by without giving them a second thought.

People rush through their days and forget all about the little things.

We hope to share food experiences through stories, reviews and news, while providing some recipes for you to create experiences of your own.

And in case you doubt my enthusiasm for food: I started writing this in a friggin’ donut shop.



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