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Breakfast burrito, literally

Posted by chris on Jan 29th, 2009 3 comments


Rose Donuts & Cafe is the only place I know of takes an entire diner breakfast and wraps it in a tortilla to create their breakfast burrito. If you dare to finish the whole thing, it will surely put an end to whatever plans you’ve made for the day. Stuffed with eggs, ham, bacon, a sausage link, hash browns & cheese, it’s a giant pill of unproductiveness.

Highly recommended, as long as your affairs are in order.


I’m not sure why I bought this today. My fridge is so full right now, when I want to eat something, I have to take out 10 containers to access the food I want. Then play a game of Tetris to fit everything back in. I feel like I’m repacking a suitcase before each meal.

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Breakfast Burrito edition

Posted by chris on Dec 30th, 2008 1 comment

My list of foods eaten yesterday:

  • chorizo breakfast burrito from Adelita’s Taqueria
  • two pieces of See’s Candies chocolate
  • four crackers with Nutella
  • lots of cranberry flavored Ricola cough drops

I’m making my way around the South Bay, trying every breakfast burrito I can get my hands on. Adelita’s is the only place I’ve tried that cooks green peppers and onions along with the usual mix of egg & chorizo. I thought the flavors worked well together, but I could take it or leave it. Adelita’s gets extra points for having whole wheat tortillas available on request.

And yes, while I do my weight loss experiment I still try to satiate my fondness for chocolate! No point in depriving yourself.

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Whole Foods edition

Posted by chris on Nov 26th, 2008 add a comment

My big list of things I ate yesterday:

  1. Made-to-order burrito from Whole Foods. Wheat tortilla, carne asada, brown rice, pinto beans, salsa fresca, hot sauce.
  2. Two espresso chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods

Every time a worker at Whole Foods starts to wrap a burrito, it seems like there’s no way it can be done: there’s just too much food. A mere mortal can’t possibly cram that much filling into a tortilla without defying the laws of physics (or whatever egghead term makes sense here).

But every time — like cramming a month’s worth of luggage into a tiny suitcase — they manage to pull it off. Just barely. And you’re left with a burrito that can last all day. And for me, usually does.