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Coffee and other fluids

Posted by chris on Dec 10th, 2008 1 comment

I’m sitting in Orchard Valley Coffee, eating a mushroom-chard quiche & drinking a hazelnut latte. The quiche ain’t bad — in the same way that any kind of bread with a bunch of cheese “ain’t bad” — but I’ve had better.

It’s 2PM and this cafe is packed. They have a huge space with tons of tables, benches & couches and almost every seat in the house is taken. Every power outlet within sitting distance is occupied. I thought I was the only one who had nothing better to do in the afternoon. What are all these people doing here at this time of day? Don’t they have jobs to work and life goals to accomplish? Damn hippies!

Ana is talking with me on AIM. She stepped away to tend to her daughter for a moment, but when she came back, she said, “That was the biggest PP diaper I’ve seen in my LIFE! The diaper was pleading, ‘No more pp please…’”

My response:

You’d think this would deter me from drinking my latte… BUT NO!