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Happy Chinese New Year

Posted by annie on Jan 30th, 2009 6 comments

A friend of mine said that she loves Chinese New Year because it isn’t about “getting wasted, kissing people, or making resolutions that you’ll never keep,” and I’m inclined to agree. Because when those things are out of the picture, you get to focus on the really great stuff: family and food!

Actually, even on any other day of the year, Chinese people are crazy about food. Whenever I visit my relatives in Shanghai, I notice that they go grocery shopping (at the open air market, always) at least three times each week. Freshness and variety are priorities on a daily basis.

And then when this holiday rolls around, meals become extraordinary! I’ve always wanted to visit China during this season, because I hear people’s lives just revolve around food for fifteen days (the length of the holiday).

On this past Chinese New Year’s Eve, I had dinner with my parents and some family friends. Here is about half of what we ate:

chinese new year dishes



It would take hours to describe all of these dishes because many of them were very intricately prepared. For example, in the bottom picture, one item inside the stew required the cook to stuff a ground pork mixture into fried tofu balls by hand without breaking the shape of the tofu or cutting a hole too large, lest the ground pork falls out during simmering. And let me add that the pork mixture itself had to be prepared with many ingredients through a series of steps…

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This day lacks waffles

Posted by annie on Dec 4th, 2008 add a comment

I had a pretty blasé food day (after the soup):

  1. three bowls of Chinese cabbage soup (I finally finished the huge tub of soup my mom gave me)
  2. one plate of salad with goma dressing
  3. half of a See’s milk chocolate bar with toffee
  4. one slice of hawaiian pizza
  5. two servings of sour cream and onion chips
  6. some strawberries
  7. two small cubes of cheese
  8. some grapes
  9. 1/8 of a piece of sausage
  10. two baby carrots
  11. one bit of chocolate cake

okay, I guess when I list it all out, it doesn’t seem blasé. but I don’t really like hawaiian pizza, chocolate, or cake.


Chinese cabbage soup

Posted by annie on Dec 4th, 2008 add a comment

Here is a picture of the soup that I’m crazy about. I’ve described it here and here.

my mom's Chinese cabbage soup


Mostly Salad

Posted by annie on Dec 3rd, 2008 1 comment

Today’s meals:

1. 1/3 of an Asiago cheese bagel with cream cheese from Noah’s
2. 1/3 of a blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese from Noah’s
3. half a See’s milk chocolate bar with toffee
4. two big bowls of my mom’s Chinese cabbage soup (which is a lot like Russian cabbage soup except not nearly as sour, and way tastier!)
5. five plates of romaine salad with goma dressing, yes, FIVE. Goma dressing is THAT amazing, it makes eating plain salad not only tolerable but quite enjoyable. You can find goma dressing at your local japanese grocery store.

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Goodbye November edition

Posted by chris on Dec 1st, 2008 2 comments

Now that my meals consist of things besides predictable (albeit tasty) Thanksgiving leftovers, I’m back to reporting what I eat. Here we go:

  • Sample of 9-month aged Murray Bridge Australian sharp cheddar from Whole Foods. Recommended — I actually buy this cheese on a regular basis.
  • Jjamppong (a spicy noodle soup with seafood and vegetables)
  • Fortune cookie
  • Espresso chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods
  • Cold slice of combination pizza
  • Organic California-grown red seedless grapes

I reviewed my past food logs and it looks like I need to sneak more fruit into my daily diet. I’ll work on that this week.