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Mango this!

Posted by Ana on Feb 3rd, 2009 add a comment

Mango Chicken Curry
Everything is going my way (as far as the kitchen goes) this week. I’m not a very organized person at all. That includes the kitchen and food menu in my house. Every day wonder, “What am I going to cook today?” Guess what usually happens? We always end up eating out. So we end up spending more money, obviously.

This weekend I decided it was time for a change! Time for me to get organized in the kitchen and be a good cook! I sat down, and made a menu. My sister had mentioned this site called Simple Recipes by to me on IM a few weeks ago. She showed off to me a picture of her honey glazed chicken over iChat. Ummm… yes, she actually took a picture of her nekid cooked chicken and showed it off to me. It looked so good! She’s very organized in the kitchen and she cooks delicious. She inspired me so I decided to try that recipe myself. It was good! So when I was making a food menu this weekend, I decided to refer back to the same recipe website and pick some more recipes to include in my menu. This was one of them. The Mango Chicken Curry. My husband and I love Indian Food and since we don’t have an Indian Restaurant here in town, this is as close as it’s going to get. It was very easy to follow and it turned out great! OMG, the smell of the ginger… the curry… the garlic… Oh gosh! I swear I think I burnt my nose hair just sniffing that stuff simmering in the pot! LOL

My husband loved the Mango Chicken Curry. So much so, he growled at me when I went to serve myself seconds! He wanted to make sure I was leaving him enough to take to work for lunch the next day. haha I can already tell this recipe will be a favorite in this household. Mmmm…

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Thai food

Posted by annie on Dec 7th, 2008 2 comments

All I had today was Thai food from Wat Mongkolratanaram, which is a Thai Buddhist temple that serves brunch on Sundays. Besides the yummy and authentic thai food, the experience of eating there is fun too! You trade money for tokens, and then donate tokens for food in a buffet style get-up. Seating is outdoors in the temple’s courtyard, right next to their lovely garden.

I had yellow curry with potatoes, carrots, and chicken over rice, and sticky rice with mango. I was so eager to eat that I forgot to take a photo of the curry until I only had two bites left. Oops!