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Hot coffee on the beach

Posted by chris on Feb 13th, 2014 add a comment

Verve at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz
Verve Coffee @ Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, CA

Great-tasting coffee a few blocks away from the beach. 70-degrees and sunny in February. Is this real life?


Pretzel psychosis

Posted by chris on Jun 15th, 2013 add a comment


She knows me so well.

Daisy surprised me with chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels.

She intends for us to snack on them during a flight. In. The. Future. 32 hours away. 32 hours of pretezel-less hell. 32 hours of tortuous challenege. Of pointless denial. Of staring game.


[Update, 12 hours before departure:] Yeah. All gone.


No peas, please

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Daisy’s plate of Lobster Mac and Cheese from Montrio Bistro in Monterey, CA


Thanksgiving 2012

Posted by chris on Nov 22nd, 2012 add a comment

Full photo gallery of Thanksgiving with Jill & Oj →

  • Jill: Thanksgiving plans? I ordered enough turkey for 5 people so… help
  • Chris: I’m in!
  • Jill: I’m making Rachael Ray’s crab mac and cheese. YOLO
  • Chris: You had me at Rachael Ray. Then again at crab mac and cheese. I passed out instantly after YOLO.

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National Cupcake Day Edition

Posted by chris on Dec 15th, 2011 4 comments

Raspberry Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcake from Crema in southeast Portland, Oregon

December 15 — Happy National Cupcake Day!

I began my morning determined to spread the excitement, wonder and joy that is National Cupcake Day. Anyone who knows me well can attest, I am always and forever an engine of sharing delight… (Shut up, Anyone-who-knows-me-well.)

So I forwarded a link to Tatyana, informing her of our beloved and cherished national holiday. I sat back, satisfied, anticipating a sweet response to my sweet gesture of a sweet link…

Now, Tatyana is a known vegetarian. And I was quickly reprimanded for daring to send her a link that contained (among other cupcake photos) a photo of a honey-baked ham cupcake. “What a shameless disrespect!” she contemptuously castigated — yes, castigated — from her high gift horse on a throne.

Well, this meat-free, mea culpa cupcake photo & post is dedicated to her royal high(maintenance)ness. HAPPY fucking national cupcake day NOW?!


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A hearty pie

Posted by chris on Oct 4th, 2011 add a comment

  • Saige: Just out of the oven. Apple pie made by Yours Truly.
  • Will: Clearly that heart is for me. I want some!
  • Saige: Of course.
  • Chris: The heart is for Will. The rest is for me.

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Dark Chocolate Cherry Cupcake

Posted by chris on Jul 19th, 2011 1 comment

From Crema in southeast Portland, Oregon

Not pictured: tiny half-bite-size shortbread cookies from Alienman, who enjoys subtle dessert flavors that feature hints of sugar notes. I don’t play that shit. When you do as many desserts as I do, you quickly build up a tolerance. Only the darkest, boldest, raw and uncut confections will bring about the satisfaction that you crave.

But I will give her props. Last night, we got caked up at Cassidy’s with a flourless chocolate cake topped with mint ice cream. And a side of strawberry crème brûlée… You heard me.


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Red Velvet Cupcake

Posted by chris on Jun 7th, 2011 add a comment

From Crema in southeast Portland, Oregon

A productive day: healthy lunch, 3 cups of french press coffee, red velvet cupcake and some design work from Crema Bakery with the company of Alienman & Zachary. Shout out to Amanda, who joined us for lunch, but bailed back to the office before the caffeine & sugar overload. What a healthy, responsible, professional, modern working woman chump.


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Dark Chocolate Fondue

Posted by chris on Jan 23rd, 2011 4 comments

From Sonoma Chicken Coop in Campbell, CA

Dark chocolate fondue with orange, strawberry, banana, pound cake, rice krispies treat, marshmallow and vanilla ice cream.



Pumpkins are full of nutrients. We’ve replaced them with sugar.

Posted by chris on Nov 3rd, 2010 add a comment

Pumpkin cupcake for breakfast from Pearl Bakery in Portland, OR.


Donut shop + Photo booth + 2:00AM = Recipe for disaster

Posted by chris on Oct 28th, 2010 2 comments

From Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon


The truth hurts

Posted by chris on Aug 6th, 2010 add a comment

Cookies from Gregory’s Gourmet Desserts

After 24 years of diligent practice and non-stop training, I know how to tell when I’ve had enough cookies: When there’s none left. And the bag, box or bakery is empty. And there’s chocolatey, sugary, sometimes-snickerdoodley pain in my stomach.

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Posted by chris on Apr 4th, 2010 4 comments

From Jill and Dan’s kitchen. Awesome.


Real men eat hearts for breakfast

Posted by chris on Dec 17th, 2009 5 comments

Cappuccino from Bellano Coffee in Santa Clara, CA

It’s difficult to maintain the illusion that I’m a dominant alphamale when I have such a girly-looking drink in front of me. Next time, I’m requesting a cup with skulls, dinosaurs, and big rockets. With a biscotti the shape of a medieval saber.

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I’m not sure if all of you know but our daughter Sofia is an IVF baby. Since my hubby’s been gone, well I’m human, I have days where I feel like I’m going to pull my hair out and want to run into the closet and let out a BIG SCREAM from frustration. What Mother doesn’t sometimes…

Today she pointed out the bubbles and yelled, “Bubbles, Momma! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” Of course! Great way to entertain her and get her to wear out by trying to pop each bubble! hahaha

And as I watched her face full of joy and heard her beautiful laughter, I realized remembered how blessed we are to have her here. I can’t even imagine how empty our lives would be if she had never been conceived. I watch her in amazement and pride because she’s the fruit of our lives. I love her. =)